Legal Loans Information

Legal information for loans

In the following page, you will find useful information about the types of loans and lending service in the US in general. The terms and conditions vary from state to state and before you apply for a loan online, get yourself familiarized with the US laws related to this service. This information may serve as guidance but in order to ensure safe experience, always do some research before you apply.

Online Loans

These loans are specially designed to deal with emergency expenses if you don’t have reserve funds. Compared to payday loans these advances suggest bigger sums and longer terms for reimbursement and are more affordable.

Short-Term Loans, Personal Loans, Payday Loans and Cash Advance are lawful and allowed in all the states but there are some restrictions concerning the maximum amount you can take, APR percent or the terms of repayment, so you should check that the company you are going to cooperate with, operates according to the state regulations.

Will Go24Cash lend you money?

Remember that Go24cash is not a lender but a platform to connect you with multiple lenders. We aren’t responsible for the endorsement of your application or further steps, so whenever you have questions concerning the process, please contact your lender and get sufficient answers to your questions from him/her. We have one basic function, which is sharing your application form with the lenders in our system and allow them to process it and come up with a decision to approve it or not.

Our website provides you with the essential information about us and what responsibilities we have got, so you can get more «Privacy Policy» information.

Who can help me if I have complaints about the loan?

If you are somehow not satisfied with the loan terms and conditions, you should contact your lender and discuss the possible alternatives with him. We don’t have any right to interfere in the process and make some changes. However, if the lender doesn’t provide you with the promised quality of service or you think he doesn’t act lawfully, please contact us so that we stop our cooperation with unprofessional lenders.

Are there any risks connected with loans?

Each borrower should realize that a beneficial loan isn’t only about the lender but also about the borrower who should do his responsibilities on time. If you aren’t sure that can afford making timely payments, don’t risk to take a loan because if you fail to pay the total amount in time, the lender may actually push the charges against you.

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